Boring test with rotary drilling rig good for hard clay

Boring test with rotary drilling rig.

This is the soil boring test with rotary drilling rig by each setting of speed. It has the hole for the water injection by pumping from water tank and resemble with wash boring but it is action so cold with your hand on drilling rod which is hard for forecast of soil layer changing while rotary drilling rig is operating,

you shall be observed differentiation of hydraulic pressure and flow rate of drilling rod. Rotary drilling method by used pressure of water pump is injected soil while operating and you are going to observe following depth level specification and then auger bit is brought up from bore hole and represented with regular auger. It is necessary to keep undisturbed samples full capacity. Soil boring test with rotary rotary drilling rig is good for hard clay, gravel, gravelly sand and decomposed rock because it is easy for auger bit changing follow soil condition. If you discover the hard rock, you are necessary to use diamond bit.

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