denich soil engineering story

DENICH SOIL ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. is established by a group of civil engineers who are experienced on Soil mechanics engineering and professional focus soil investigation and soil test tasks.

(August 19, 1994) Registered in the name of DENICH SAHAMITR LIMITED PARTNERSHIP after that we have brought technology and innovation for development to be efficient soil investigation and soil test towards the upcoming to be number one in field of academic service passing brainstorming and moderated from smart idea of small civil engineer group so, changed of name is (September 6, 2007) DENICH SOIL LIMITED PARTNERSHIP and last change of name is (November 18, 2009) DENICH SOIL ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. until famous of today.


1. Provide soil investigation and soil test service in the style of explore condition soil, soil mechanics properties test. Calculate the load capacity of the soil for pile foundation design. Consulting on the use of foundation. Construction planning and estimates cost for construction.

2. Provide Cadastral Surveying services : Topographic map task, Highway map, Rural map, Material location survey for construction.

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